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The Tape Lab can do small volume assembly and packaging of your product to meet your specific requirements. We also partner with several assembly and packaging contract manufacturers to give our customers a one stop shop for their finished product needs.
The Tape Lab can provide packaging services for our customers for low volume assembly, packaging, and kitting for all your die cut parts we produce. We also offer these services for slit roll goods that we produce.


Medical Devices

The Tape Lab has the ability to manufacture your end user products in our ISO 8 clean room and package your medical device in the same clean environment. This is a value add application we provide our clients.

A lot of the time our converted products are being packaged for consumers or clinicians to use as a disposable product. As a value added converter, The Tape Lab can bag your end use parts in polybags or anti-static bags at a very reasonable cost for low volume applications. We also partner with some of the best packaging houses in Orange County to help give our clients options when deciding on their packaging needs for the jobs we convert.

Some of our methods of packaging & product fulfillment include:

  • Small volume assembly
  • Small volume kitting
  • Small volume packaging
  • Bagging of parts/ rolls/ parts on a roll
  • Clean room packaging/ assembly and kitting


Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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