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The Tape Labs prides itself on helping startups and mature, personal care and consumer products companies design, fabricate and manufacture adhesive-backed component parts for new or existing products, such as stick to skin wearables, adhesive bras and nipple covers, consumer monitoring devices and commercial products.

The Tape Lab’s team of application engineers has a ton of experience in the Personal Care and Consumer Products converting industry. We can help customize your adhesives and materials to meet your specifications. We also partner with the best adhesive companies, such as 3M, Avery Medical, Polymer Sciences and Dermamed, to offer the broadest selection of products to service the Personal Care and Consumer Products market space.

The Tape Lab is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and an FDA registered medical device component manufacturer (CM). We will provide documentation and certification for all materials and processes.


Personal Care and Consumer Products

The Tape Lab can help develop a cost-effective, reliable product that is easily applied by humans in any environment. We offer a huge range of medical grade tapes and films (approved to Biocomp 10993) and other flexible materials for consumer and personal care products, including adhesive transfer tapes, as well as single coated, double coated tapes, films, foams, nonwovens and wovens, hydrogels and hydrocolloids, and release liners used in the production of Personal Care and Consumer Products. We specialize in constructing the perfect adhesive for your skin-friendly needs, as well as tie layer adhesives that can be more aggressive and bond to high and low surface energy plastics used in the stack up of your Personal Care and Consumer product.

The Tape Lab works on developing devices and components that use an adhesive system. We make boob tape as well as adhesive die cuts that hold all different types of self monitoring devices to the skin. These components are increasingly important in our everyday lives

Personal Care & Consumer Applications
We manufacture age defying tapes to pull sagging skin back with minimal tape. Our applications range from jowl tightening tapes to sagging neck skin hidden tape applications. We make cosmetic tapes for clients that make under eye rejuvenation patches, as well as cosmetic tapes that help with eyelash extensions and make up tapes.
Personal Care & Consumer Tape Capabilities
The Tape Lab can slit, die cut and package all your materials in an ISO 8 (Class 100K) cleanroom if required. We offer custom multi-layer laminations, die cuts with extended liners or butterfly tabbed liners (like a bandaid), island placement and registration of materials, printed logo liners, short roll winding and rewinding. We also offer design assistance, prototyping, and basic testing all the way through full scale production. Specifically, we design and manufacture boob tape (breast lift tapes, nipple covers, pasties, fashion tapes), customize all our solutions, and work with materials that can hold and cover A cups up to DD.
Did You Know?
There are many factors to consider when designing a stick to skin Personal Care and Consumer product. One of the important factors to consider is the balance between the strength of the skin contact side of the component and avoiding excessive skin irritation and discomfort to the patient when eventually removing the component. Every person’s skin is different and reacts differently in different environments. Some important factors to consider when designing a stick to skin consumer or personal care product are:
  • Age of target market (neo-natal to geriatric)
  • Moisture vapor transfer rate (MVTR)
  • Conformability
  • Adhesion and removability
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic surfaces
  • Moisture and water resistance
  • Printable liner for instructions or branding
  • Repeat use
  • Sterilization
  • Wear duration on the skin



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