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The Tape Lab can carry a multitude of single sided tapes for the Industrial, Medical and stick to skin market. We specialize in customizing solutions for all industries by engineering the best single sided tape that will meet all your needs and specifications. Let our industry experts help you find the perfect single sided tape to get your project going. Our single sided tape has pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) that is exposed on one side of a carrier or face stock.


Stick to Skin

Single sided tapes are used in so many stick to skin medical devices or monitoring devices. Stick to Skin single sided tapes are formulated to meet certain biocompatibility requirements for sticking to the skin. Examples of this are Monitoring devices (Constant Glucose Monitors, Fitness tracking devices, Health monitors), wound care and wound closure devices.

Boob Tape

Most adhesive bras, and nipple covers )pasties) are made from single coated tapes. The Tape lab uses a variety of single sided tapes in the boob tape market. We have single sided tapes that have a lot of 4 way stretch to conform over contoured skin. We also have single sided tapes that only stretch in one direction to help with lift and to give structure to the adhesive bras. We manufacture nipple covers that have a gentle acrylic or silicone adhesive on the skin side that goes on gentle and also removes smoothly as not to irritate the sensitive area around the nipple.

Packaging Tape

The Tape Lab sells and customizes single sided packaging tapes for every industry. There is a lot that goes into designing the right tape for your packaging needs. We can customize the adhesive (rubber or acrylic), the carrier or backing material (PP, PET, PE) asd well as the tape width to meet your specifications.

Masking Tape Applications

Masking tapes are not just for taping off areas when you paint your house. Masking applications are used in automotive paint factories as well as aerospace painting and powder coating applications. The Tape Lab has several masking products that have a high temperature rating (over 400F) as well as masking tapes that will adhere and remove cleanly to low surface energy plastics.

Other applications of this material include:

  • Cloth Tape
  • Wound closure tape
  • Foam Tape
  • Surface Protection Tape
  • UHMW Tape
About Single Sided Tape
Single sided tape (Single coated tape) is a pressure-sensitive tape typically constructed using a carrier or facestock of cloth, non-woven, foam, film, foil, paper with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side. The single sided tape comes on a silicone release liner (paper or film liner) or is self-wound.



Yes. Single sided and single coated tape are the same thing. Many people in the engineering world use the term single coated tape instead of single sided tape. They both refer to a pressure-sensitive tape using a film, foam, foil, cloth or paper carrier (face stock) with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side.
Single sided tape typically uses a film, foam, foil, cloth or paper carrier (face stock) with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side.


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